The Dallas Stars Get Team Pet

This years trend in the NHL has been getting a team puppy. The St. Louis Blues have Barclay, the Montreal Canadians have Flambo, and the New York Islanders have Radar. All of the puppies are absolutely adorable and every other team in the NHL has had fan pressure to get a team puppy.

The Dallas Stars answered the fans’ needs.

In the most Texas way.

The Dallas Stars have adopted a team cow (technically Calf). The “little” guy was announced this morning and the Stars held a fan vote to pick a name. The choices were “Mike Moodano”, “Andy Mooooog”, “Sergei Moobov”, and “Joe Mooendyk”. In the end, “Mike Moodano” won and the team has now welcomed the adorable pet into their team.

Mike Moodano will drop the puck on Tuesday for Fan Appreciation Night.

Let me tell you something, I’d give my life for Mike Moodano. This cow is precious and such a Stars thing to do. This also takes “Jamie Benn has cow eyes” to a whole ‘nother level.

Maybe this cow will be the rally point for the team’s playoff run. 

Featured Image:

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