Whose To Say: Mitch Marner vs Patrik Laine

Welcome back to another Whose To Say and this week we’re talking about some more of the NHL’s young guns.

Today we’ve got Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs versus Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets. As per usual, take a look at the stats and tell us what player you think is better!

Let’s dive in and talk about each players career.

Mitch Marner

Mitch Marner is a 21 year-old forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs, in his 3rd season in the NHL. Marner weighs in at 175 lbs and is 6’0″.

Marner has played in 237 NHL games collecting 66 goals and 154 assists for a total of 220 points. Of his goals, 12 were game winners. He has a +20 rating and 592 shots on goal. 

When it comes to Marner’s defensive play, the forward has 99 blocked shots, 101 credited hits, and 223 take-aways.  Marner has a Corsi For percentage of 51.8% and is has contributed 23.0 point shares in his career.

Marner’s team has made 2 playoff appearances in his time (going onto their 3rd). Marner played in 13 playoff games with 3 goals and 10 assists. Marner’s playoff rating is +3.

As for Marner’s play, Mitch is a smart player. He’s got a great hockey IQ and sees the ice well. He is often a play maker and tends to get more assists than goals because of it. He’s smaller than most players and that allows him to move faster than most players on the ice.



Patrik Laine

Patrick Laine is a 20-year-old winger from the Winnipeg Jets, who is on his 3rd season in the NHL. Laine is 6’3″ tall and weights 206 lbs.

Laine has played in 233 NHL games with 110 goals and 74 assists for a total of 184 points. Of Laine’s goals 16 were game-winners and he has a total of 681 shots on goal. Laine has a -3 rating.

Defensively, Laine has 120 blocked shots and 218 big hits. Laine had 100 take-aways. With Laine on the ice, the Winnipeg Jets have a Corsi For percentage of 48.3% and he has contributed an estimated 23.4 point shares in his career.

Winnipeg has appeared in one playoff series (soon to be two) during Laine’s times. Laine has played in 17 playoff games with 5 goals and 7 assists for a total of 12 playoff points. Laine has a playoff rating of +2.

When it comes to Laine’s play, the man has got great mitts. He needs time to get up to speed and get physical but he’s got great hands and can score amazing goals with them. He’s got a bigger frame and can lay out big hits.


Ham’s Take

For me, its hands down Marner. Don’t get me wrong, Laine is a fantastic player, he’s got amazing hands and can do fantastic things with the puck. BUT Mitch is all around a smart player. 

Laine struggles with seeing ways to set up others for a goal where as Mitch seems to see every possibility. Mitch can find ways to get his team on the board regardless if he’s scoring the goal or not. Laine tends to shoot first and ask questions later and it can result in him missing the net and the team missing that opportunity. This is why Mitch is a key part of Toronto’s puck control. He thinks of the best ways to score and helps set it up.

Mitch is also confident in his skill regardless of his size. Even though he’s smaller, he still knows what he is capable of doing and he goes for it. He knows that he can out-skate players bigger then him or that he can get to the right place to land a solid assist and that confidence is what is getting him more points as the season continues.

It’s going to be an interesting race between these two as their careers continue. With both Toronto’s and Winnipeg’s rise, there will be, without a doubt, crazier highlights and a nerve-racking playoffs race.

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