Gabe Is Back!

We have triple check and can confirm that Gabe Landeskog is back!

Gabriel Landeskog, captain of the Colorado Avalanche, has been sidelined since March 7th following a hit by Dallas Stars goalie, Ben Bishop

“Landy”, as he is affectionately nicknamed, is a terrific captain for this Avs team. Gabe was named captain of the Avalanche at just 19 years and 286 days old, the youngest captain in NHL History. Since he was named captain, Landy has 154 NHL goals and 204 assists (358 points) in 492 games. He’s an emotional player with a level head until someone pushes him over the edge. Landeskog has a powerful shot that finds the back of the net at the most important times. 

This season, Landy had led the Avs in a smashing start. In the first 35 games, the team went 19-10-6 with 124 goals for and 107 goals against. Of those 124 goals for, Landy had 23 of the goals alongside 19 assists. He was averaging 21:11 on the ice per game and riding a +21 rating.

The Avs hit a few rough patches, leading the team to a 29-27-12 record by March 7th, the day Gabe was injured. Gabe contributed 33 goals and 39 assists in the 69 games he’s played in so far. 

The Avs have rallied themselves for their captain. Since Gabe’s injury, the team has gone 6-2-1 with 24 goals for and 17 against. They have pulled themselves together in preparation for their beloved captain’s return. Knowing the personality in that locker room (*cough* Tyson Barrie) I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a real life on of these on the wall:

landy meme.png
Meme via: Myself (Made in a Denny’s while being judged)

Overall, it’ll be amazing to see Landeskog return to the lineup. He’s a fantastic player that has been dearly missed by teammates and fans alike. The Avalanche are right in the heat of the Western Wild Card race. The Avs are just 2 points above the Coyotes who the Avs play tonight. For the Avs, every point matters. They’ll need to keep their game up if they have hoped of seeing a successful post season.

NHL Standings 2019-03-29 at 2.23.51 PM
NHL Standings as of 2:30 PMCT March 29th

Having their captain back will only serve beneficial to the Avs. They’ve got their game in a good place and adding Landy’s leadership and skill should just push them further.

Featured Image: CNN

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