The Chicago Cubs Are Back

Today was Opening Day for baseball and the Chicago Cubs did not disappoint. The team ended up beating the Texas Rangers 12-4 . The Cubs were up 10-2 by the 7th inning stretch. Before we get into this game let’s hop back to last season where the Cubs finished.

The Chicago Cubs ended the seasons with a record of 95-68, finishing 2nd in the National League Central. The Cubs did make an early exit from the Postseason when the team lost in the NL Wild Card Game to the Colorado Rockies.

This season is a new beginning for the Chicago Cubs.

They have kept mostly the same line up, with exception to trades that saw the departure of Tommy La Stella and Daniel Murphy and Yu Darvish‘s return from injury. The team started strong in their first game with the 12-4 victory.

Last season, the Cubs struggled with getting points onto the board but with this start, things are looking up.

Javier Baez, not only known for his amazing second base tags, had made big hits for the Cubs in their season opener. Baez has 2 home runs and 4 RBI’s off 5 at bats.

Kris Bryant made his return from the IR he ended the season on with a big home run as well. Bryant also had 3 RBIs off of his 4 at bats. Bryant combined with Wilson Contreras for a sweet tag out at 2nd.

Out in center field, Albert Almora was still snagging up fly balls just like last season. Last season Almora had a fielding percentage of .989 which was 6th on the team and 2nd among outfielders. He’s going to be a key player for the Cubs this year at just 24 (almost 25) years-old.

On the pitching side, Jon Lester was stellar through 6 innings. He let up 4 hits, 2 earned runs, and 3 strike outs. Lester has been steady for the Cubs in the past and with a start like this, he’s going to remain consistent.

Overall, this Cubs team seems connected and excited to start a new season. There are going to be big thing to come within the next 161 games.

Featured Image: AP file photo

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