Whose To Say: Patrick Kane Or Auston Matthews

Welcome back to another installment of Whose To Say and this week we’re talking about Patrick Kane and Autson Matthews.

As usual, I’ll give the flat stats about each player, a highlight video, and at the end I’ll give my take on who I think is a better player. Each person has their own answer and I want you to tell me on Twitter (@ham_sport) who you think is better and why.

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane was drafted 1st overall in 2007 to the Chicago Blackhawks. Kane, originally from Buffalo, New York, is a smaller guy at 5’10 and 177 lbs. Kane uses his smaller stature to his ability, accelerating at high speeds and has soft hands that he uses to score astounding goals.

In Kane’s rookie campaign, the right-winger pulled in 21 goals and 51 assists in 82 games for a total of 72 points. Like Crosby, Kane has a career high of 52 penalty minutes in his rookie season. Kane also averaged 18 minutes per game. Kane won the Calder trophy for his MVP rookie season.

In his so far 12 year career, Kane has 353 goals and 574 assists for a total of 927 points in 892 career games. Kane has a +/- rating of +59 and averages 20 minutes on the ice per game. With the Chicago Blackhawks, Kane has won 3 Stanley Cups, a Pearson trophy, Art Ross trophy,  the Calder trophy, the Hart trophy, and the Conn Smythe trophy.

Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews was another 1st overall draft pick this time to the Toronto Maple Leafs beck in 2016. Matthews, from San Ramon, California, stands at 6’3″ and 223 lbs, Matthews is a confident offensively dominant player with quick hands and can skate at top speeds.

In Matthews’ rookie season, the 18-year-old scored 40 goals (4 of which were in his 1st game) with 29 assists for a total of 69 points and a +2 rating. Matthews averaged 17 minutes a game in his first season and also won the Calder Cup.

In the 2 years since his rookie season, Matthews has totaled up to 202 games with 108 goals and 90 assists for a total of 198 points. Matthews has a +/- rating of +21 and averages 18 minutes on the ice per game. Matthews only award so far is the Calder trophy from his rookie season.

Ham’s Take

This is another line up of great players. Like the last “Whose To Say” one player is in the infancy of their career while the other is in the middle of theirs. I once again have to go with the more experienced player which is Patrick Kane in this case.

Kane is not only a phenomenal player but he is consistent. Kane has played 7 full seasons during his NHL Career and is rarely ever injured. Kane rarely hits a scoring or point drought. As well as consistent, Kane is durable. This season when the Blackhawks were really struggling, Kane’s minutes were bumped up, at one point he was playing between 28 and 23 minutes a night. Not once did Kane complain because he knew he had to do it to help his team.

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 11.26.08 PM
Kane’s top Time on Ice via Hockey Reference

In his 12 years, Kane has grown as a player and leader within the locker room. Matthews is a lead by example player while Kane is more of a “learn from my mistakes” player. That could add into their level of maturity when it comes to their play styles.

Kane’s game also has a certain age of elegance and maturity that Matthews’ game lacks. It could be the 9 years of experience that gaps the two players but Kane’s game houses more control and quiet confidence while Matthews’ is loud and borderline cocky.

One example of this is when Toronto played Chicago back in October. While playing in the UC, Matthews scored a goal and celebrated by putting his hand up to his ear like “let me hear you” and the UC was not having that shit at all. The “Let me hear you” celly is one that is often used by Kane and it was cocky as hell for Matthews to pull that in Kane’s house. Kane shot back 32 seconds later by scoring and doing the same celly back at Matthews in a mocking way. Kane wasn’t a fan of some young kid pulling that in his territory, saying:

“That’s entertainment right there. I wasn’t a fan when he did it so it was nice to score and kinda do it back to him.” (x)

The animosity didn’t continue off the ice, the two were pals at the All-Star game but it’s understand for Kane to be salty at Matthews.

As much as Matthews has the right to be confident in his play, the cockiness can get annoying. Kane’s got that quiet confidence and it’s one big thing that gives him the edge over Matthews. Kane has earned respect on the ice with his play that has lasted him 12 seasons and is going to last him many more.

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Featured Image: NHL.com

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