Vinnie Hinostroza Helping Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes have pulled themselves into a playoff spot after Scratchin’ and Clawin’ their way up the standings. They’ve had exceptional production from all levels, especially with all the injuries they’ve been faced with.

One of the best players that the Coyotes have acquired this season has been  Vinnie Hinostroza from the Chicago Blackhawks. Hinostroza has taken the lead of the team’s scoring with a record of 11-9-20 since January 20th.

in his career Hinostroza has 167 games under his belt with 28 goals and 73 points. Hinostroza got his first hat trick on March 14th which pulled him into the lead for goal.

Hinostroza is the silent producer for the Coyotes as he was with the Blackhawks, he quietly sneaks in goals and points without being a top gun on the team. Hinostroza is a smart and young player which has the upper hand against bigger players who can’t move as fast. Hinostroza is only 5’9″ and 173 lbs which allows him to weave in and out defenseman and to the net.

Overall Hinostroza has been important to the Coyotes with their playoff push late into this season. His kind of play is going to be a key variable for a long playoff run.

Featured Image: Twitter

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