Alex DeBrincat Is the Future For the Chicago Blackhawks

Alex DeBrincat started his NHL career on fire and that fire has only spread in his second season. Drafted 39th overall to the Blackhawks in 2016, the winger was not expected to become a key player this quickly for the Blackhawks.

Alex debuted in the 2017-2018 season for the Blackhawks, which turned into their worst season in 10 years. But this 5’7″ ball of energy became a beacon of hope for what is to come, earning the nickname “Cat” based on his last name having “cat” in it. (Hockey nicknames are a hot mess). In his rookie campaign, DeBrincat scored 28 goals with 24 assists in 82 games. He was averaging 14 minutes on the ice a night. The best part? the Cat had 3 hat tricks in his rookie season alone. In the middle of all the murk, DeBrincat was the star.

Now in his sophomore season, there is no slump for the Cat. He’s had 37 goals and 29 assists on 68 games, with one hat trick so far. He’s averaging 17:37 on the ice per game. 12 of DeBrincat’s 37 goals have been on the power play, a crucial key to why this team has been turned around. The best thing that has happened for that Cat has been the trade that brought his old liney, Dylan Strome, to Chicago. The two have been on fire together. Strome been apart of  21 of DeBrincat’s 66 points. The two have helped bring back the Blackhawks Chicago once saw.

With Alex DeBrincat apart of the Chicago Blackhawks roster, the future is bright. He’s a great leader at just 21 years only and he plays at a level that is unbelievable for someone so young. This kid is going to lead Chicago to a few more championships in the future.

Featured Image: Chicago Sun-Times

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