Why Player Pieces Matter

If I’m honest, a large chunk of what I write are what I call “Player Pieces” and I love writing them more than anything else. Player Pieces are articles that are about one player and what they’re doing for their team.

I, personally, feel like these blogs are important to the hockey community. You get to see more than just numbers and stats. Sometimes we get so lost in stats and judgement that we forget that players are real people too and they deserve a shout out for what they’ve contributed. Not to mention that sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air to read something positive.

You get to talk about a player that has changed their whole mind view. You get to see some of what goes on off the ice, which often makes what they do on the ice more special. I know I sound cheesy as Hell but it matters, so deal.

I’ve written a number of Player Pieces that you can read here:

Alex Galchenyuk

Kendall Coyne

Dominik Kahun

Matt Duchene

Dylan Strome

Evgeni Malkin

Duncan Keith

Tyler Seguin

Featured Image: Here

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