Where Are The Columbus Blue Jackets Headed?

Before the trade deadline, the Columbus Blue Jackets made a selection of moves and decisions. In acquired big tickets Ryan Dzingel and Matt Duchene from the Ottawa Senators, the Blue Jackets added to their already impressive scoring arsenal with these two young players that they got for a good deal.

Along side scorers like Artemi Panarin and Seth Jones, with goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky in net, this team seemed like it was going to smoking out of the cannon. But since the trade deadline, the Blue Jackets are 3-4-0 with 14 goals for and 22 against. 2 of those wins came in an overtime or shootout fashion. Not exactly stellar.

The team finally won a game in regulation tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins. This victory was must for the Blue Jackets because it has finally pulled them back into a playoff spot. Those two precious points have tied the Blue Jackets with the Montreal Canadians at 79 points, but the Blue Jackets have 2 more wins than the Canadians so they’re the lucky team that is in the playoff spot.

This roster is the Blue Jackets best chance at a Cup run. They’re stacked but only for the moment. Come July, their top point scorer and lead goaltender will be gone and who knows what will be left next season. If the Jackets want a solid chance, they need to learn from their 4-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins and use that in the remainder of the season. And even moments after the game, it seems like the Blue Jackets have learned their lesson. Following the win Cam Atkinson, forward for the Blue Jackets, said:

“When we play like that, we’re a dangerous team. It can’t be a fluke, and we have to continue playing like that.” (x)

I think it’s clear to say message received.

Featured Image: Bleacher Report

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