Mitch Marner is Making Big Contest For Contract Talks

With only 3 seasons under his belt in the NHL, Mitch Marner is making a big statement with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Marner is up from a new contract after this season, stating that he isn’t going to talk contract with the season going on, much like Artemi Panarin.

This season, Marner has 82 points, a career high, in 67 games. He’s been on fire all seasons having 24 goals and 58 assists. Mitch has been said to be an important aspect in the locker room with his booming personality and positive attitude. Not to mention, he’s a genuine human being, fans and players love him. Marner is a durable forward, he hasn’t missed a game in 2 seasons. On top of that, he’s fantastic, he’s got amazing vision on the ice, seeing and making plays happen. He plays well with anyone you throw him on a line with but he’s been thriving with John Tavares.


There’s been rumors that other teams have been looking at preparing offer but it’s unlikely that Marner would even look at one that came his way. He’s a lifelong Leafs fan and he’s got amazing chemistry with players on the team so why mess with it?

The only problem is how many players the Leafs have to look at resigning and keeping all of them under the cap. Also up for free agency is Kasperi Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson, Tyler Ennis, Jake Gardiner, and Ron Hainsey, all big players for the Maple Leafs this season.

There is going to be big loss when free agency comes but for a player like Marner, it would be worth it to lose a player or two. Losing Kapanen would be a major loss to the team with how much he’s grown during his time as a Leafs but dropping maybe Johnsson or Gardiner wouldn’t be the end of the world for the return the team would get. He’s not slowing down yet this season and with where the Leafs are headed it’s looking to be a bright contract.

Featured Image: Sharp Magazine

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