The Western Wild Card is Getting Heated

The Western Wild Card has been a wild place this past week. The Dallas Stars dropped from a Wild Card spot for the first time since December 27th. The Colorado Avalanche have gone 8-9-4 in their last 20 and recently passed the Avalanche to advance in the Standings. Overall this Wild Card race is like no other.

The teams are slowly closing in on one another. There are 2 teams that are within 1 point of the Wild Card, the Stars and the Arizona Coyotes. The Chicago Blackhawks are next with 63 points.


Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 10.44.02 PM - Display 1
The Wild Card as of February 28th at 10:45 PM

This Wild Card is tearing itself apart as the end of the season draws near. Its going to be a toss-up between 4 teams for the final 2 playoff spots. This is the gritty (not that Gritty) kind of hockey that brings amazing games in its place.

Featured Image:

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