Dallas Stars Make No Trades At Deadline

If you’ve been living under a rock, today was the NHL Trade Deadline. Teams were trading players left and right, the Columbus Blue Jackets racked in some good players along with other teams. And in the wake of a big injury the Dallas Stars made no trades to fill the gap.

On the night of February 23rd, Mats Zuccarello was traded from the New York Rangers to the Dallas Stars. Zucc spent 9 years with the Rangers and it was going to be a tough move.

On February 24th around 5 am, Zucc hopped on a plane from New York to Chicago, where the Stars were playing that afternoon. He met his teammates and suited up to play with his new team. A player like Zucc has been long-awaited for this Stars team. Not only is he an offensive force, he’s a great two-way player that can advance the Stars power play. With the Stars struggling to keep their playoff spot, he was a God sent.

In the game versus the Blackhawks, Zucc had a goal and an assist. He rode a +3 rating on the 13:35 minutes he was on the ice. Zucc was unstoppable and it was great. Until he blocked a shot off his arm. Zucc flew to Dallas for better evaluation and it was announced that he is going to be out for at least 4 weeks with a broken arm. Zucc will also have surgery to heal the break faster.

It’s a tough hit for the Stars. On top of that, Jamie Benn, the captain, is also injured. He tweaked something during the Stars game against the Carolina Hurricanes. Benn skated one shift against the Blackhawks before being evaluated for an upper-body injury. His timeline is unknown and said to be day-to-day.

After losing to key players, it seemed back to the drawing board for the Stars, there were rumors that they were going to make a trade due to Zuccarello’s injury. It would have been a smart move but with all the agents on the market it would have been tough to get a good scorer without losing a lot. In the end the Stars made no trade moves before the deadline ended. All the Stars did was call up Denis Gurianov from the Texas Stars to fill in for Zucc. 

Zucc could recover faster and return earlier then expected but in the meantime, the Stars need to keep their consistency to stay in a playoff spot. The Stars are 1 point above the Minnesota Wild in the top Wild Card spot.

Featured Image: Abi Hamilton

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