Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen Sets the Standard for Panarin

The Columbus Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen has maintained his stance on what it is going to take for a team to get Artemi Panarin. Kekalainen wants assets now and for the future, he’s not settling for just draft picks as the Rangers just did yesterday with Mats Zuccarello and Dallas. When asked if he had received concrete offers on Panarin, Kekalainen said:

“We’ve had plenty (of offers) but nothing that would make us trade him.” (x)

It makes sense to hold out for something good to replace Panarin. With the setup they have now, holding Matt Duchene and Panarin can mean good things for Columbus’ playoffs hopes. To trade Panarin, the Blue Jackets would want a top forward in return and that’s a price few teams can play with playoffs so soon.

The New York Rangers were looking at Panarin, according to the The Athletic, but now with them trading Zuccerallo, the Rangers would need to give up Kevin Hayes, Adam McQuaid and then some. The Rangers are 10 points out of playoffs and need big offensive help if they want a chance at playoffs.

Along with the Rangers, the Islanders were also looking into Panarin. The Islanders have been on a tear lately, climbing into first place. Adding Panarin after losing John Tavares would secure the Islanders placing in the playoffs. The Islanders have a few decent payers to give up but nothing at Panarin’s level.

The last team looking at Panarin is the Florida Panthers. The Panthers are also 10 points out of playoffs. The Panthers are already looking at trading Derick Brassard a month after acquiring him but it’ll take a lot more than that for Panarin.

Personally, I want to see Panarin back on the Blackhawks. He was stellar with Patrick Kane and vise versa. I highly doubt that the Hawks can make a trade that satisfies both with Columbus by tomorrow. Panarin will probably walk in July and hopefully the Hawks can resign with the Hawks then.

Panarin will probably last the rest of the season and walk come July 1st. It’s a dumb move by the Blue Jackets to lose a player like Panarin for nothing but who knows. The trade deadline is tomorrow so we can see a big trade in that time but it’s unlikely Kekalainen will see a trade he likes in that time.

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