Henri Jokiharju Sent to AHL Again?

Henri Jokiharju has been sent back down to the AHL following a one game call up. Jokiharju was called up after it was announced that Carl Dahlstrom would miss Friday’s game against the Avalanche with the flu. 

In the game Jokiharku played on the ice for 9 minutes and had a -1 rating. The Blackhawks ended up losing 5-3. The next day Jokiharju was sent back down to the AHL. Head coach Jeremy Colliton said:

Jokiharju was sent down to the AHL back in January to keep in shape and progress his game. Many have disagreed with this move by the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks’ defense has been struggling for a while. They’re not on their top of the game anymore, the game has gotten faster and younger. Joki has that speed and youth that the Hawk’s defense needs to keep relevancy. In the AHL, Jokiharju has 1 goal and 8 assists in 9 games. 

Personally, I think they should keep Joki up for longer, he can be a vital to the Blackhawks’ final push into the playoffs. He’s go the speed and skill that the Hawks need in this last stretch.

Featured Image: NBCSports

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