Duchene Sent to Columbus

Matt Duchene has finally be traded. Duchene is shipping over to Columbus and he’s taking defenseman  Julius Bergman with him. In return Ottawa will be getting 2 prospects Jonathan Davidsson and Vitali Abramov, and 2 draft picks. The draft picks are a 2019 1st round pick that’s lottery protected and a 2020 1st round pick that’s conditional. If Duchene signs an extension with the Blue Jackets, the Sens will get this 2020 1st rounder.

Duchene didn’t sign an extension with the Blue Jackets yet and he may not until summer. I wouldn’t expect him to go signing with this team right away if he doesn’t know their play and how they operate yet. 

Duchene could still walk as a free agent this summer too. It wouldn’t be surprising if he did should he not like his place in Columbus, so there’s still a chance he can go to another team that was eyeing him.

The interesting dynamic will be how Columbus fairs with Artemi Panarin now. Tonight, no players are sitting out as Columbus takes on the Senators (too soon?), Columbus head coach John Tortorella said:

Featured Image: NHL.com

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