Rivalry Series Game 3: Canada Takes the Series

In game 3 of the Rivalry Series, Canada pulled out a 2-0 victory over the US, taking the Rivalry Series. 

This game took place at the Little Cesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, on US soil and was the kickoff for “Hockey Week in America”. There were 9,048 fans in attendence for the end of this fantastic series.

These teams are often evenly matched when it comes to speed and strength. In this game, the US out-shot the Canadians 38-17. Canada was able to slip two goals past the American goaltender, Alex Rigsby.

The Canadians scored their first goal 4:30 into the first period. The goal was on the power play and scored by Brianne Jenner of the Calgary Inferno, with assists from Renata Fast and Brigette Lacquette. The first period had 6 penalty calls, 3 by the US and 3 by Canada.

In the second period, the US had 21 shots on goal compared to Canada’s 7 shots, yet the Americans couldn’t get one passed Canadian goaltender Shannon Szabados. The Canadians did get their 2nd past Rigsby at 2:25 into the 2nd (even strength) with the shot coming from Blayre Tumbell, assist from Laura Stacey. This period also saw another 4 penalties, 2 to the US and 2 to Canada.

The 3rd period went scoreless for both teams. Sealing the American’s defeat.

Both teams fought hard in this series and if there were another, there’s no doubt that it would have the same intensity from fans and players alike. Women’s hockey was presented to the world in this series and it had an amazing responce. There needs to be more series like this one in the future.

For now, the next time the US and Canada’s women’s hockey teams will meet is the IIHF Women’s World Championship from April 4th to April 14th.

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Featured Image: Michael Caples/MiHockey

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