Is Corey Crawford’s Return Upon Us?

Corey Crawford, the Chicago Blackhawks goaltender, could be making his comeback soon and at the best time. Crawford has been out since he was injured back in December with a concussion. Since then the Hawks have been using goaltenders Collin Delia and Cam Ward, who have been spectacular for the Hawks. But now with the Hawks just 2 points away from the playoff spot, Crawford’s return can mean amazing things for the Blackhawks’ post-season hopes.

Carwford was injuries after Evander Kane pushed Dylan Strome into Crawford. Crawford and Strome fell backwards into the net, Crawford’s head going into the post.

With Crawford’s last concussion that left him out from December of last season until Mid-October 2018, it’s for the best that Crawford is taking his time to get back.

In the meantime, the Hawks have been all over the place. They’ve traveled from last in the league back up to just 2 precious points from playoff contention. Since December 18th, the Hawks are 14-6-3. Ward and Delia have been handling goal well, only allowing 76 of the 854 shots they’ve faced.

Ward is currently riding a 5 game win streak and has a record of 8-3-0 since December 18th. Ward’s save percentage since then is .917. Ward has been nothing short of amazing for this Hawks team, even when they hit some low points in the season.

Collin Delia was called up from the Rockford IceHogs on December 21st as a backup for Cam Ward. Delia has been steady, going 6-3-3 with a .916 save percentage. In his time called up, Delia signed a 3-year deal worth $3 million dollars.

These two goalies have held down the fort well for Crawford, who is looking to make a return soon. Crawford spoke with media February 15th and said:

“We’ve been playing great. I think that’s a tough situation too. Obviously you don’t want to come back in and [not] be at the top of my game. We’re in a pretty good run right now, a pretty good stretch. It’s really thinking about what game do you throw me in? I’ll leave that up to Jeremy [Colliton]. Whenever they want to, I’m ready to play.” (x)

Today Crawford didn’t practice due to illness.

With the Hawks making a serious run at playoffs now, Crawford’s return can be a key difference for their success in the future. It’s like Kyle Schwarber returning to the Chicago Cubs in 2016, just in time for playoffs. Crawford isn’t officially back in the line up but I think we can expect to see #50 back in net real soon.

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