Alex Galchenyuk Improving After Montreal

This summer, Alex Galchenyuk got traded to the Arizona Coyotes in a one-for-one trade. It was a painful trade for some Montreal Canadians fans, Galchenyuk was a first round draft pick and a fan favorite. In the end, this trade worked out well for Alex Galchenyuk.

During Galchenyuk’s 6 years in Montreal, Alex averaged 70 games a season and averaged 43 points a season. His point production was lower than most but that wasn’t his biggest struggle. Galchenyuk struggles with puck control. In his last season with the Habs, Alex racked up 56 giveaways and 29 takeaways. He’s got quick hands but sometimes the puck can slip through the cracks. Overall in Montreal, Galchenyuk wasn’t producing as well as many had hoped, he’d only had 1 season with 30 goals and 1 season with at least 20 goals. Therefor over the summer, Galchenyuk was traded to Arizona for Max Domi.

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The worst part of this whole trade, in my opinion, is how Galchenyuk found out. The guy got traded from the team that drafted him and he found out from Twitter while on his way to Italy. But Galchenyuk took it like it was, with hockey being a business and all, and made something positive out of it.

Galchenyuk ended up missing the first 10 games of the season with an injury, but ever since he came back he’s been lighting it up. So far this season, Galchenyuk has 12 goals and 18 assists in 46 games. Galchenyuk is currently leading the team in goals and is 2nd in points. In the past 20 games along, he’s scored 7 goals with 9 assists.

This trade has been good to Alex Galchenyuk. They do say that a change in scenery can do that for you. Galchenyuk is just hitting his prime at the age of 25 and he’s still got a lot of gas left in the take which is just what this Coyotes team needed. Even though there’s a small chance at making playoffs this year, building upon Galchenyuk’s talent and the talent already in place is going to make a big difference for this team in the long run.

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