What’s Going On With the Colorado Avalanche?

When the season was still in its infancy, the Colorado Avalanche were on top of the world. Their top line was producing like no other but recently the team has began to tank. On an 8 game losing streak and the trade deadline fast approaching, is there playoff hope for this team?

The Beginning

In the first two month of the season, Colorado was 15-6-5 with 97 goals for and 73 goals against. The top line, consisting of Captain Gabe Landeskog, Nate MacKinnon, and Mikko Rantanen was on fire. That line combined had 44 of the 97 goals. By December 1st, the Avalanche were 2nd in the Central Division with 35 points and it seemed like they were going to stay hot all season.

December hit the Avalanche hard, and that dragged into January. Between December 2nd and January 23rd, the Avalanche had a record of 7-14-3 with 72 goals for and 82 against. The team had 101 power play opportunities and scored on only 20 of them. The dream was closing and right at the end of these two tough months, Nate MacKinnon injured his foot. MacKinnon’s injury came at the perfect time for the Avalanche because it was right at the start at the All-Star break so MacKinnon had days off to recover back from that without hurting the team in any way. But after this trturn things seemed off. As of February 1st, the Avalanche had the last Wild Card spot in the Central with 52 points.


Now into February, the team in 0-3-3 in 6 games with 13 goals for and 26 against. The team has lost the last 8 in a row and it feels like the team isn’t clicking anymore. The top line that was dominating the NHL back in the beginning of the season, has only 3 goals combined since the All-Star Break. Captain Gabe Landeskog has 0 goals and 3 assists, Nate MacKinnon has 2 goals while Mikko has the other goal for the top line. By February 13th, the Avalanche had fallen to 2nd to last in the Division with 55 points. There is a small amount of production coming from the other lines.

To The Deadline

With the deadline coming up, Colorado has made no notion that they’re going to make a big trade and Joe Sakic, Colrorado’s GM, isn’t very big on trading prospects or picks.

Most people believe that if the Avalanche continue like this, they’ll have a better chance of getting Jack Hughes, the projected 1st Overall Draft Pick of the 2019 Entry Draft. Hughes is a speedy kid who is smaller and amazing with the puck. He would boost the Avalanche’s game for sure but is costing the rest of this season worth it?

I don’t think the Avalanche will make a big trade before the deadline but they will be on the ball trying to pull in better prospects for next season and the many to follow.


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