Rivalry Series Game 1: US defeats Canada

The US defeated the Canadians in the first game of this three-part Rivalry Series. The US shut out Canada in this 1-0 game. This game was aggressive, there were small scraps here and there, and the game was full of big hits. The rivalry is alive and well between these US and Canadian teams.

This USA and Canadian team are evenly matched in speed and strength. The game was even for the most part, a back and forth dance for power. The US had recorded 21 shots on goal while Canada had an astounding 33. All 33 of Canada’s shots were stopped by Alex Rigsby, who even got chippy with a few Canadians when they messed with her teammates.

Hilary Knight was the only player to score, recording the goal with 1:42 left in the 2nd period. The assist was awarded to Hannah Brant. There were plenty of good shots at the net but only Knight’s rebound was able to slip by Emerance Maschmeyer, Canada’s goalie. 

It wasn’t a clean victory like the US would have hoped for but it’s a great place to start for this US team. The next game is Thursday, February 14th at 7PM ET. 

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Featured Image: USA Hockey

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