Anaheim Ducks Fire Head Coach

Today, the Anaheim Ducks have fired their head coach Randy Carlyle and placed GM/ Executive Vice President Bob Murray as interim head coach. Carlyle had led the Anaheim Ducks to a Stanley Cup and 3 conference finals. But with a team that has 2 wins in 54 days, it’s an unsurprising decision to fire the head coach.

Carlyle was named head coach on August 1st, 2005, and had a record of 475-256-96. Carlyle’ Ducks team has a record of 21-26-9 this season with a 12 game losing streak thrown in the middle of their season. Since December 18th, the Ducks held a record of 2-15-4 with 34 goals for and 82 goals against. It’s surprising that it took this long for them to fire Carlyle. Murray still thanked Carlyle for all he had done in the press conference:

“We thank Randy for everything he has done for the organization. Leading the team to a Stanley Cup and three conference final appearances, he has accomplished so much in Anaheim. Difficult decisions need to be made when times are tough, and our play has clearly been unacceptable. We have a tradition of success in Anaheim and we need to get back to that.” (x)

Bob Murray has an impressive record as the Ducks GM. In 1,013 NHL games as GM, Murray has a record of 509-374-130 with both Anaheim and Chicago. Murray has led the Ducks to six consecutive playoff seasons and five consecutive 100+point seasons, which is the longest streak in the NHL. With all this success as a GM it leaves you to wonder of he’s going to have that much more success as a coach.

Murray is stepping into a rough situation. The Ducks have the 21-26-9 record and there’s a lot to look at what can be adding to the problem. The struggling power play and offensive production are what’s dragging this team down into the dumps. With Murray taking over, there’s no doubt that he’s going to make large changes on the horizon.

Featured Image: CaliSports

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