Seabrook Debunks Rumors

Earlier this week there was reported that Duncan Keith was going to be asked of he wanted to waive his No Trade Clause, which turned out that no one had asked and Keith would have said no regardless.

Now, it was rumored that Brent Seabrook, Keith’s fellow defenseman, was asked if he wanted to waive his No Trade Clause but those rumors turned out to be false. Seabrook confirmed today that no one has approached him regarding the topic and he doesn’t know why or where the rumor had started. When asked what he would say should he be asked, Seabrook said that he hadn’t given it thought and he only has one focus in mind right now:

“I haven’t thought about it. I guess I’ll deal with that when that day comes. But my focus right now is to try to help this team get into the playoffs. That’s what I’m thinking about.” (x)

It’s crazy that it took almost 2 days for someone to clarify that Seabrook hadn’t been asked. Last night, I almost wrote about how Seabrook also said no to waiving his clause but decided to take a nap instead, good thing I did. 

Seabrook is in his 3rd year of an 8-year contract, with a cap hit of $6.875 million and a No Movement Clause lasting until 2021-2022. In the final 2 years of the contract, that becomes a modified No Trade Clause, 5 teams are on it in the 2022-2023 season. For the final year of the contract in 2023-2024, the list will grow to 10 teams.

Even if Seabrook is asked, he’s another player that is more of Ride or Die as a Hawk. He’s been through so much with this team, just like Duncan Keith. I highly doubt that he’s going to leave before his retirement. But he didn’t give a 100% no, just said he’s focused on making playoffs, so there is still a chance he could leave but it’s a slim one at that.

Featured Image: Chicago Tribune

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