Toronto’s Stars Contracts Extensions: On Pause

The Toronto Maple Leafs are moving closer to signing superstar Auston Matthews. Meanwhile, Matthews counterpart Mitch Marner will not be signing anything until after the season. Toronto Maple Leafs fans have been biting their nails, wondering how the hell Kyle Dubas is going to fit these two (and many other good players) under the cap hit come the end of the season.

Matthews Closer to Deal

Matthews is closer to signing an extension with the Maple Leafs. The ideal contract length for Matthews is 5-6 years, rather than the max 8 years that players can resign for.

Pierre LeBrun reported that Matthews agent, Judd Moldaver, flew into Toronto this week to further talks with the Leafs regarding Matthews contract.

Marner Waiting till Season Ends

It no news that Mitch Marner will not be signing an extension before season’s end. Marner and his agent, Darren Ferris, have it clear the for now Mitch only wants to focus on hockey. Who can blame him with the season he’s having. So far, in just 51 games Marner has 20 goals, 43 assists, and a rating of +19. It’s pretty smart for Marner to wait this out as well because who knows how far Toronto is going to go into playoffs, this could bump up his payout.

TSN’s Darren Dreger also reported that teams are, allegedly, going to start sending offer sheets for Marner. I highly doubt that Marner is even going to look at a single one, if he gets one. Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has done pretty well lowering the cap this season in order to sign both these superstars, one brilliant move was acquiring Jake Muzzin.

It’s unlikely that Marner is going to leave the Leafs, so now all that is left is to wait it out and see what he signs for when season ends.

For now, all we can do is sit and refresh Twitter. Dubas is smart so I highly doubt that the Muzzin trade is the only one he is going to make. Keep in mind that also up for free agency this off-season is Kasperi Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson, Ron Hainsey, Jake Gardiner, and Tyler Ennis. It’s going to be an interesting time watching Dubas pick through and maintain a line up, but it will be more amazing if the team can come back next year as hot as they did this year.

Featured Image: Kevin Sousa/National Hockey League/Getty Images

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