Keith Unlikely To Leave (Surprise to No One)

Yesterday, we talked about how the Chicago Blackhawks were, reportedly, going to ask Duncan Keith if he would like to be traded. As a surprise to no one, Keith said that he plans and wants to stay in Chicago.

Of course reports asked Keith about this, to which he replied:

“I haven’t thought about it. I like it here in Chicago and nobody’s mentioned anything to me.” (x)

This is what was to be expected. Keith loyalty to this team was not going to be ruptured by this. There’s no way he’d care more about being a contender than being on a team he loves. He’s 35 and has always been more of a team player than a player who was in this purely for the titles. Mark Lazerus asked Keith if he’s okay with being in a “rebuild/retool”:

“What’s a rebuild or a retool, who knows what that is? New Jersey was good last year and now they’re not good this year. So what happened? I don’t know. … The league’s different now. One year you’re good, the next year you’re not.” (x)

There was no question in mind that Keith was going to say yes to a trade just so he can be a contender again. Although he would for sure get looks from other teams, he’s too loyal to give up and go. During last night’s game, Keith proved how much he wanted to stay and scored a goal in the Hawks victory over the Buffalo Sabres.

Overall, rest easy Hawks fans, we’re not losing another key player. I would not be surprised (no one would be) if Keith stays in Chicago till he retires.

Featured Image: Mike DiNovo, USA TODAY Sports

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