Will Chicago Trade Keith?

According to TSN’s Insider, Pierre LeBrun, the Chicago Blackhawks will ask veteran Duncan Keith if he would like to be traded before the trade deadline on February 25th.

LeBrun said: “He has a full no-trade clause. He has a four years left on his deal at $5.5 million. He decides his future. Yes, he’s a legacy player for Chicago, but I think (Blackhawks GM) Stan Bowman and the hierarchy in Chicago will go to him and say ‘What do you want to do?’ Do you want to go to a contender or stay here with the rebuild. That conversation will happen.” (x)

So far this season, Duncan has one goal and 20 assists in 51 games with a rating of -6. In his 14 seasons with the Hawks, Keith has won 3 Stanley Cups (playing a key role in all 3), 2 Norris trophies, the Conn Smythe, and been to the All-Star game 3 times. Chicago loves him both on and off the ice, and it seems like Duncan loves Chicago right back.

Photo from: Jim McIssac/ Getty Images

The Hawks have been in a “rebuild-but-we’re-not-calling-it-a-rebuild” for a bit now but I can’t see Duncan Keith, of all players, abandoning ship now. He’s a loyal player who has built his life and legacy here in Chicago. He’s not a selfish guy who would pack up and leave when he’s needed unless he felt it was better for the team, but I highly doubt that’s what he’s thinking.

I think if Bowman asks Keith “Do you want to be a contender or do you want to stay?” Keith would be on board to stay. He’s been with this team through so much, he remembers what it was like back in 2007 when the games weren’t even broadcasted on TV and they were handing out tickets in the streets. I don’t think 1 (probably 2) seasons of missing playoffs is going to cause a player like Duncan Keith to leave.

Not to mention the people he’d be leaving behind, the actual players on the team. It’s been said over and over again that Brent Seabrook and Keith call each other “brothers”. Their kids are best friends and they have built up the Chicago Blackhawks to what it is.

We’re talking about the man who basically raised Patrick Kane, he’s not gonna abandon the kid now.

Photo from: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On the contrary, if Bowman came up to Keith and said: “Hey we can do an amazing trade that would help the team a lot, would you be willing to waive your no trade clause?” then he might considerate because he’s a team player. Also that trade would have to be amazing to trade Keith.

In the end, I don’t think Keith will waive his clause if it’s just to be a contender once more. He’s spent so long building Chicago up, I doubt he’ll leave it when it’s down. The guy is a team player who has amazing chemistry with his team, therefore I think he’ll be in Chicago for a while longer.

Featured Image: Chicago Tribune

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