Tyler Seguin’s Gift to Dallas

Let’s be 100% honest here, the Dallas Stars would not be where they are at today if it weren’t for Tyler Seguin. In his time with the Stars (6 seasons), Seguin has 191 goals and 238 assists in 437 games.

In Seguin’s first season with the Stars back in 2013-2014, he helped the Stars break a 5 year curse of not making the playoffs. Seguin in his premier season as a Star scored 37 goals with 47 assists and a rating of +16. Early on, Tyler established a friendship with the Stars’ new captain Jamie Benn, that translated on and off the ice amazingly. Seguin assisted on 22 of Jamie’s 34 goals that season. Meanwhile, Jamie assisted on 21 of Tyler’s 37. Thus the dynamic duo was born and both players have raised this city to playoff contention, despite the ups and downs.

Photo From: LM Otero, AP

During his time in Dallas, Seguin has grown as a player and leader in the room. He’s earned the “A” that he wears on his jersey now. Seguin has hit 30-goal seasons 4 times since he came to Dallas and he’s become one of the most dangerous players in the game, offensively. He’s a player that leads by example and takes responsibility when things take a turn (See: Lite’s Dumb Comments and how Jamie & Tyler responded with class as an example).

Even though the Stars haven’t made playoffs since 2015, they’re still a team that already has a good foundation in place to become a contending team. This year the Stars have kept up in standings with little production being made outside of the 3 top players (Seguin, Benn, and Alexander Radulov). If this team can get more depth, the Stars will lift the Cup once more.

Overall, the Stars and Stars fans have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Tyler Seguin. There’s still so much more exciting hockey to come out of Dallas, especially with at least 8 more years of Seguin. There is still more hockey to be player, more playoffs to make, and a Stanley Cup to win.

Featured Image: 105.3 the Fan

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