Kendall Coyne Schofield Gets NBC Broadcasting Gig

Following Kendall Coyne Schofield‘s spectacular performance at the NHL All-Star Skill’s competition, Coyne has been hired by NBC to work as an analyst for Wednesday night’s game of the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Tampa Bay Lightning. Coyne will be part of the pregame show, be Inside the Glass with Pierre McGuire (poor girl has to stand by him for 60+ minutes), and be apart of intermission segments.

“I love to be able to talk about the game and when this opportunity presented itself, I was more than ecstatic,” Coyne told USA TODAY when asked about the offer. 

Coyne has experience in sports reporting from back in her Northeastern college days. Coyne studied communications and worked as a sideline reporter. 

“I will obviously be doing some research tonight, tomorrow, leading up to Wednesday’s game. Obviously the Lightning and Penguins are premier teams with a lot of superstars, so it will be excellent game to talk about.”

Coyne also talked about how happy she is that more light is being shown on women’s hockey, and rightfully so. The women who play professional hockey work just has hard as NHL players but they receive less media coverage and are compensated way less than the men’s league, most the to take second jobs just to get by.

Women’s hockey is seen as different from men’s hockey even though it is just as entertaining and intense. Following Coyne’s run in the All-Star race, players like Connor McDavid and Mathew Barzal, complimented Coyne on her fantastic speed and ability to keep up and out-skate NHL players. Coyne said afterwards:

“The NHL players view us as hockey players and that’s how we want to be viewed. The NHL took a huge stance that night in allowing me to compete. They knew I could skate with the guys. And it is so important for people to realize that women’s hockey has grown and the speed of the game is right up there with men’s hockey.”

With Coyne working on NBC during this game, it’s going to really drive home the idea of hockey is for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or background. Make sure you don’t miss this game because it is going to be amazing. Wednesday, January 30th at 8 P.M. ET check your local listings (or check Reddit *wink,wink*).

Featured Image: Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

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