Brianna Decker Beat Leon Draisaitl in Passing Challenge

Brianna Decker had the fastest time in the NHL All-Star Passing competition but she hasn’t seen the $25,000 prize money.

Brianna Decker from the Women’s USA hockey team went through the hardest skill and collected a time of 1:06, beating “winner” Leon Draisaitl, of the Edmonton Oilers, by 3 seconds (1:09). Yet because Decker is not a guy in the NHL, she won’t see the $25,000 or get credit as the fastest person to complete that challenge. Decker had said she just “casually” ran through the drill and she still came in first over all the boys.

Outrage poured over Twitter last night when people who attended the event pointed out that Decker had a faster time, even though people watching at home wouldn’t know because her run through wasn’t televised. People began using the hashtag “#PayDecker” to show their support and raise awareness to the problem.

Twitter was also quick to point out that Decker makes only $10K a year compared to NHL counterparts. 

Winner of the competition Leon Draisaitl was asked what he thought about Decker beating him: “She beat me? Wow. That’s really impressive. Good for her.”

It’s just a matter of waiting to see if the NHL will pay her the money she’s owed. Decker is a fastastic player that proved, alongside Kendall Coyne, that girls are just as good as the boys. #PayDecker

Update: CCM Hockey just tweeted that they are going to pay Decker her prize money! Thank you CCM!

Featured Image: David G. Mcintyre/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

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