Oilers Fire their GM Peter Chiarelli

The Oilers have finally done it. This morning the Edmonton Oilers have fired their GM Peter Chiarelli.

We might as well clarify, Chiarelli has been making crazy trades for a while prior to his start with the Oilers. This was the guy who traded Tyler Seguin to Dallas when he was GM for the Boston Bruins for 9 seasons prior to moving to Edmonton. As a Stars fan, for that I thank you, sir.

Back to Chiarelli and the Oilers. So far this season, the Oilers are 23-24-3 and are 6th in the Western Wild Cars. What’s being said as “the final straw” came just last night from  the Oiler’s 3rd straight loss at home. The best things Chiarelli did in his 3 years as Oilers GM: the Oilers made the playoffs once (which they’ve missed 12 of the last 13 seasons) and Hockey God Connor McDavid was drafted.

Chiarelli has been known for all the trades he’s made that have shot him in the ass later (see: Tyler Seguin). The most well known has to be Jordan Eberle‘s trade to the New York Islanders. Eberle was sent to the Isles for Ryan Strome. Back in November, Strome was sent to the New York Rangers for Ryan Spooner. Just a few days ago, the Oilers placed Ryan Spooner on waivers. In the end, Jordan Eberle was traded for nothing.

Another rough trade, Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. The reason this trade stings so much is because Hall won the Hart MVP Trophy in his second season (last season) with the New Jersey Devils.

24 hours before Chiarelli was fired, he resigned goaltender Mikko Koskinen with a 3-year-deal worth $13.5 million and included trade protection. This signing has been seen as controversial by media and fans alike. Mostly because this is Koskinen’s first season with the Oilers, he’s started 25 games, has a record of 14-11-1 with an GAA of 2.79 and a SV% of .910.

This move can really open doors for the players already slogging in this organization, such as Connor McDavid who has had very little help in carrying this team on his back.

According to John Shannon on Twitter, the Oilers are looking for a new GM right away, on the list in “Gillis, Hunter, McCrimmon, Futa, and Hextall”. There’s no word on who they’re leaning towards right now but it’s still early.

In the end, this is a good thing for Edmonton but it’s important to add that Chiarelli wasn’t the only one approving traded and signings. There’s still people in the office that can be substituted about but until then this is a great start. The Oilers will be hosting a press conference at 11 AM CT on January 23 (toady) and you can click here to be taken to the Oiler’s twitter.

Featured Image: Oilers Nation

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