Spittin Chiclets Live

This blog is not an analytic blog about hockey I’m just here to tell you about Spittin Chiclets Live.

Today, December 31st, the Barstool podcast called “Spittin Chiclets” held a live show at a bar called The Joy District right here, in Chicago. And it was a wild experience from start to finish.

My expectation for the amount of people at this event was there wasn’t gonna be a massive crowd. It’s New Year’s Eve, people have plans. But we got there at 2:15 (doors opened at 2) and there was a line down the block and around the corner. Before getting there, I was worried about so many other things; what if they don’t let me in because I’m under 21? What if something happens and they cancel? But I never thought about what would have happened if they bar was packed. There were people in Boston jerseys, Leafs’ jerseys, I even saw a guy in a Devils’ jersey. This was the hockey social of the year. If you didn’t know, the weather in Chicago today was 39° F and rainy. Standing in line, outside, was rough but the people around us were super friendly and we (my brother and I) made friends with the people around us.

We proceeded to stand in line for about an hour and moving 20 feet before heading over the Blackhawks Store at 333 Michigan Ave. where I picked up my jersey for the Winter Classic tomorrow.

I want this window cling for the front of my house.

After stopping in the Blackhawks store, we headed back to check out if they let anyone into the Joy District. The line had gone down, it only went to the next building over so we hopped into the back of the line and about 1/2 an hour later we were in. Finally.

The bar was packed to the gills with people. Different jerseys and accents all around. As we got in the Chiclets crew were apologizing for the fact that the audio had cut out and they had to end the podcast early. Like the class acts these guys are, the boys promised to stick around and talk to everyone. This was my time to shine.

First, I got to go up to the front of the stage and meet Paul Bissonnette. Let me tell you one thing about Biz: he’s the nicest guy on the planet. He was talking to everyone, shaking hands, and introducing himself to everyone who came up to him. Biz asked me about my “Ham Sports” t-shirt and gave me a free shoutout (thanks my man) and said to take some “artistic posts” for the blog.

Next I stopped over by RA (Rear Admiral) who was stood in the center of the room as well. RA was another guy who was so down to earth, just shootin the shit with some other bar patrons. He saw me standin there for a minute and stopped to say hi and take a picture. I told him that I loved his Simpsons references and he gave me knucks calling the other boys pigeons with me.

Last, but not least, Ryan Whitney. Whit was up in the front just swarmed with more people. When I got up to where he was I ended up taking 10 picture for other people and I gotta apologize to them because I know my hands shake so their photos may be a bit blurry.

But Whit took note of the Ham Sports shirt and told me to keep working at my writing. Another super down to earth guy, shootin the shit with everyone.

Sadly, I didn’t find Mike Grinell but he was probably out back fighting the sound guy who fucked up the audio.

Overall I only have good things to say about every single one of these guys. They were all so genuine and apologetic about the audio getting screwed but it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined. I got a new Hawks jersey for the Classic tomorrow and I got to meet some amazing people, even all the people in there were super chill and friendly, I got to talk to some other hockey fans which was amazing because I don’t have too many people to talk Hockey with. Just an awesome day over all and I can’t wait until the boys do another live podcast, hopefully the venue will be a bit bigger.

Tomorrow, Ham Sports will be taking the Winter Classic! You can follow us on social media to keep up with what’s goin down over there.

Instagram: @ ham_sports_ig

Twitter: @ ham_sports

Facebook: Ham Sports

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