Blackhawks trade Brandon Manning

Chicago Blackhawks have traded Brandon Manning (D) and prospect Robin Norell (D) to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Jason Garrison (D) and Drake Caggiula (LW).

Manning was MIA almost all season, he’s only played in 27 games this season and was scratched for the last 8 games. Manning is also -14 with 1 goal and 2 assists. Manning hasn’t been delivering while on the ice, especially for someone making $2.5 million a year. It’s also kinda funny that Edmonton got the guy who broke McDavid’s collarbone.

Robin Norell was drafted back in 2013, 4th round and 111th overall.

The New Guys

Jason Garrison, a 10 year vet, has played 17 games with the Oilers this season (of 38 games) snagging 1 goal and 8 PIM. Garrison has pinged around the league since 2008-2009 and has appeared in 555 NHL games. Garrison is currently making $650,000 a year and his contract is up at the end of this season.

The other player picked up was Drake Caggiula. Caggiula has played two seasons in the NHL with a total of 156 games; pulled in 27 goals, 22 assists, and a rating of -18. Caggiula gets plaid $1.5 million a year. Caggiula is a smart player with a rocket shot. Below is a highlight of some goals Caggiula scored while on the Oilers.

This was a smart trade by Bowman, I’ll give it to him, but now it’s time to watch this in action. It will be interesting to see where both new players will fit into the lineup.

Featured Image: Edmonton Journal

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