Seguin and Benn’s Response

This article is a continuation of yesterdays post, The Real Dallas Stars Embarrassment, so if you don’t know whats happening.

Yesterday, Jim Lites, CEO of the Dallas Stars, made childish comments to the media regarding Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin‘s production at the moment. Today, Jamie and Tyler responded to Lites’ comments. Their responses did not disappoint.

Both players were shocked by Lites’ outburst and they weren’t the only ones. Head coach Jim Montgomery also had no idea what was said until it was published. Monty said to the media that “I texted them yesterday and we can’t change what’s done, but we can change tomorrow”, in a very positive, Monty-like quote. The only person not surprised was Stars’ owner Tom Gagliardi, who was quoted on TSN by Pierre LeBrun saying that he sides with Lites and backs what he said to the media.

When asked if Lites had arranged a face to face meeting both Tyler and Jamie said Lites hadn’t reached out, in fact Lites hasn’t reached out to either players since LAST SEASON. Both Seguin and Benn said that they wished Lites reached out before this grew to the level it has.

Jamie, a notoriously private person, expressed his discontent with how the whole ordeal was made a public news story. “When there is a situation within the organization,” Jamie said, “I try to keep it within the organization and deal with it face to face.” Tyler’s response was similar, his direct quote was “My number is out there,” referring to how Lite could have just picked up the phone rather than making a spectacle of this team.

This move that Lites pulled has shown more weakness in management than the team. Both Tyler and Jamie owned up to the fact that they are not where they need to be right now. They both know that they can do better.

“I said it yesterday in practice that I understand I need to be better,” Tyler said to media, “Jamie understands that he needs to be better, and we need to lead this team to be better. I think our organization needs to be better. I think everyone is frustrated the last couple of years and it kind of came on us.”

Both sides are disappointed in what has been going on both on and off the ice, but the way Tyler and Jamie handled the situation was way more professional and positive than Lites whole rant. Jamie and Tyler are dedicated to this team and to their teammates. A personal favorite quote from Jamie Benn today was:

Yeah. I don’t play for [Lites]. I play for every player in this room, the coaching staff. I come to the rink and, like I said, I am proud to be a Dallas Star and I am proud to go out every night and battle with these guys in the game. I really put my teammates first.”

This whole situation has been handled disastrously but it’s shows more about the Stars management than the team itself. What Lites pulled could have done so much more damage if this team wasn’t as close-knit as it is. The Stars stand together when faced with adversity, led by number 14 and 91. tumblr_pg9kv4qkYm1qjjgqno4_500.gif

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