Esa Lindell, He’s Doin’ Things

John Klingbeg’s injury raised questions about the Dallas Stars’ defense and how it would be without their number 1 defenseman. Esa Lindell has shoved all those questions right back in doubters’ faces. Lindell has stepped up during Klingberg and a few other defensemans’ absences.

Lindell was always a quiet defenseman, flying under the major radars but still pulling in decent points. Lindell pulled in 27 points last season with a +19. This season, Lindell has collected 3 goals this season, two of which were scored during the Stars victory over the Islanders. Lindell also has 6 assists so far, pushing him to a total of 9 points in 22 games.

Photo From: NHL.Com

With the injuries of Connor Carrick, Stephen Johns, Marc Methot, and John Klingberg, Esa and the remaining healthy defense have really stepped up and worked with what they have. There is still room to grow from here, the defense has fallen a little on the weaker side, especially following the Stars’ defeat to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-1 on Wednesday November 21st. 

There is room to grow but we’re only a quarter into this season so far. The Stars match up against the Ottawa Senators, at home, Friday November 23rd. After that, the boys are back on the road again for anther trip.

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