Two Things That Are Going To Give Me A Heart Attack: Goalies Leaving The Net and Post-Season Baseball

1. Goalies Leaving the Net


It is absolutely going to be the death of me. Goalies leaving the net. I know its a part of the game and that sometimes it’s definitely an advantage, but holy shit is it going to kill me one day.
If you’ve don’t know what I mean talking about, in hockey, when the puck is flying down the ice, and the goalie knows he can stop the puck so his teammate can’t pick it up, the goalie will sometimes leave the net in order to stop the puck. As seen below:
And every single time it happens, my heart stops because for that maybe 5 seconds they’re out of the net, anything can happen. For example, the goalie can miss his teammate or the goalie can get stuck or knocked down and who the hell knows what will happen after that. That being said, this is the reason I’m gonna have a heart attack one of these days.
Back in 2015, Bishop went out of his net to play a puck when he collided with one of his own defenseman, Victor Hedman. While they collided, Patrick Sharp scored an easy goal on Bishop. And ever since that day, even though I just started to like another team a little over 2 years ago, goalies leaving the net has terrorized me.
So you could imagine my immense panic the other night (October 6th) when Ben Bishop thought he had his glove on the puck AND HE DIDN’T. Bishop had thought he was covering the puck but little did he know that the puck was to the right of his hands, and also still in play! Lucky for him (and the Stars), the ref called the play over before Winnipeg got the chance to score.
Overall, if I ever had a heart attack during a hockey game, bet your money on this being the reason why.

2. Post- Season Baseball

Due to the Chicago Cubs getting kicked from the playoffs in a tie breaker game against Colorado, I’ve chosen to not cover baseball this season.
And I totally forgot how stressed out I got during a post season baseball game, that was until the tie breaker. If you did not follow the game, the Cubs and Colorado Rockies competed for a playoff spot that went into 13 heart wrenching innings. It was an intense time. You were hanging onto every pitch because it took just one pitch to change everything.
There is a big difference between playoff hockey and playoff baseball. Playoff hockey is constantly fast paced, you’re on edge the entire time. When it comes to baseball, you’re holding your breath for every pitch. The time in between pitches just allow your anxiety to build and build until the pitcher finally throws one.
Baseball gets knocked for being “too slow paced” but if you take it in the mind of a pitcher, time is flying by faster than you can see it. I read the book “Making My Pitch: A Woman’s Baseball Odyssey” by Ila Jane Borders, in which Borders talks about all the things that were running through her mind as she was pitching. What was she going to through, where did this guy hit last, what is my catcher telling me. All of that going through her head in under 60 seconds as she prepared for a pitch. It was this point that I started to pick up on doing that during games.
So if I ever die during a baseball game, there is a 90% chance that it is post season.


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