The Return of the Crow!

Ladies and gentleman! The day has finally came! After 10 long months! A season, gone too soon!

The Crow is back!

Celebrate! Rejoice!

It’s been 10 long months since the 3 time cup winning goalie played in net and fans have been long awaiting the Crow’s return, myself included. Tonight, Corey Crawford will take on the Coyotes and I’m fortunate (and lucky) enough to be at the game! Currently, the Coyotes are 1-4-0 which is great for us! Let’s all hold our breaths and hope he doesn’t get re-injured, especially considering how serious concussions are.
Luke Johnson, a centerman and rookie, was sent back down to the AHL Ice Hogs so Corey has a roster spot. (Sorry Luke)
Another piping hot cup of tea, Brandon Saad can be listed as a healthy scratch in tonight’s game. I say can be because there is no confirmation yet. There is no surprise here really, Saad has 2 points (2 assists) in the first 5 games of the season as well as doing pretty bad last season after we traded Saad (18 goals, 17 assists,-10) for Panarin (27 goals, 55 assists, +23). Saad just isn’t delivering like he did back in the Blackhawks Cup days, but then again no one really is. As someone who tries to be positive about sports because you never really know what can happen and how things can change, maybe (hopefully) this will be an eye opener for him and he can work hard to start delivering and make himself worth the shit ton of money that was spent on him.

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