John Klingberg on a Roll!

Dallas is still thought of as the team that missed playoffs 5 years in a row. The team that crashed season after season and it a “lost sport” in the football capital of America. But let me tell you this: This team, this season is different. John Klingberg is one of the reasons why.
A mere 5 games into the season, John Klingberg is killing it! John has already scored 4 goals, which is half of the amount of goals he scored in total last season, and with the way he’s playing, he is on his way to many, many more.
Klinger, last season, snagged 8 goals and 59 assists while playing in all 82 season games. He was spectacular on the power play and he’s not a player you have to worry too much about injury wise. One of the best thing about his play is that he’s a two way player, astonishing on both defense and offense.
John has also been flying under the radar for most of his career, even though just last season he came in 6th for the Norris Trophy.
He’s still pretty unheard of because Dallas does not get the recognition that it rightfully deserves. This is the team as a whole being unrecognized as well. The Captain Jamie Benn had played in all 82 games and achieved 36 goals, which wasn’t even the most he’s gotten in a season! Tyler Seguin snagged 40 goals, a career high, just last season. Alexander Radulov with 45 assists. Devin Shore has 123 SoG. Brett Richie had 42 minutes in penalties ( I’m betting that most of them are for fighting) and Stephan Johns had 41. Ben Bishop was injured for most of the season but he had a .916 Save Average. This team is something different than we saw from last year. But this year is definitely going to be better, this could even be the year (in my opinion). But one thing is for certain, this year there will be different.
Remember. Be Loud. Wear Green. Go Stars!

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